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A new Year

Insecurity?? IS it?




When the doors got opened,
she felt the chance
with lashes of fear and hope,
there was a glance.

She thought for numerous times
and went with the flow,
And with all the considerations ,
It was destined to be so.

Years have passed by
giving her everything she had almost wanted,
and sometimes more
Than ever she had expected.

Sunshine is a timid word,
let moonlights gather,
She “LIVES” him in the world,
wherein one loves the other.


Small Dream Of a small Mind….!!

Like almost every child ,growing up in a standard household, I too happened to have certain ambition since my very tender age. Yes, it should be tagged as “tender” because I was only then 10-11 years old, not knowing the exact meaning of goal or ambition. Being forcibly answerable to the question ,”boro hoye ki hote chash ( what do you want to be when you grow up)?” , I made up my mind for saying that I want to be a computer engineer and the reason was,on an obvious note,something purely vague. I didnot have any idea of what a computer is and what an engineer would be like. Most probably, the underlying cause behind this wildest thought was some brilliant “DIDI” or “DADA” of my colony or family who happened to crack the JOINT with some tremendous flying colours and who had a rank from the state. 🙂

Now, after such a long journey of another 14 years, when I am working in that IT sector only, It somehow feels strange to think that actually nothing has changed . I had somehow reached that arena, intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously, where a much smaller mind wished to reach. A subtle feeling engrosses my mind as and when I think that everything is somehow destined and my career path was not an exception to that because having studied  Electrical /Electronics for 4 long years, it was more than a nightmare for me to work in an IT engineer some years ago.

I still have certain questions to ask myself as “Whether am I capable of doing this job ?” or ” Will I excel here in future?” that are still unknown to me, but I cherish those tender unknown imaginative thoughts that came to my mind some fifteen years ago. 🙂 🙂

why………..with an answer

You didn’t know everything, still you behaved;
You couldn’t see everything, still you said;
I expressed when I felt,
I jumped when I left,
I cried the pain away ,and
I thought it would never come again;
Wrongly I expressed, mistakenly I said,
As I am always so vividly misunderstood;
You showered all through those unexpected verses, as
Old and mundane and boring my words are.BUT,
Did she ever demand of anything usual??
Did she ever been like one of them??Because,
She fears of being left alone,
She suffers when those words are thrown,
She can only cry sometimes,
And can only show some emotions,
And, probably can beg;
She makes mistakes,
But always overlooked when corrected;
Her sorry doesn’t count,
She fears to lose,
Still ,she is the one to be blamed;
As always he says,
What she has done to him, but

He does not say what she has done for him… !!

it’s not me !!


it is not me… it is the phase..
i forget the home with an open terrace…
do i assume the forbidden future
with a tinge of stress??
it is not me…it is the phase…
i know what happens…
still i be the same
do i need to change because of shame…??
it is not me…it is the phase…
i walk deep down…
perhaps altogether or all alone…
do i need to run when there is none….??

it is not me…it is the phase…

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I turn off the lights
And open up
To see light over there…
You come to me
And poke
With every sense not mere..
It is the feeling that drives me crazy
To make me do no matter what
And when the other will come
I shall run away…..
They ask me all along the reason
I still mention the feeling..
Alone I sit up and wonder
Is it the love that finds the way?

Women’s Day… Really??!!!!

Here comes the day we should talk about women…. REALLY?????!!!!!

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And it is the 8th of March and we should see women in every news channel, newspaper and there should be videos everywhere to show women empowerment, to depict how women from every nook and corner of the world have contributed to the society and country overcoming all the odds…. is this how we should Celebrate the Women’s Day? Rather, is this why we should celebrate this…. or, is there really any such necessity to celebrate this day in our country…????!!!


Well , putting forward a lot of questions …and being answerable to each of them, I should highlight certain points in my own way of understanding …….

International Women’s Day has nothing to do with our country as women here happens to get raped for their dresses(as per some persons)and for remaining outside the house after 6 pm in the evening( as per those same persons) and,there are the random occurrence of female foeticides even now in many parts of rural India. Girls at their very tender age cannot go to school , as a result they are compelled to take up certain professions to support their own family that are even not supported by our society. The society  leaves no stone unturned to blame them when they are actually responsible for those every thing to get happened.

They blame the dresses.. then why do they rape the six year old???

They blame the late night comers…. then why is the rate higher in the rural areas???

A situation cannot be the reason…. it never was… the root cause lies in:-

the root of the mentality our country beholds,

the government that rules our country,

the system that governs the society,

the culture that our society actually has failed to maintain all through,

the lack of the basic values of family and behavior every child should nurture in their mind as they grow up,and

the lack of some Dos and Don’ts every individual should have in their lives to have a secured and matured living(irrespective of the gender ).

The Women’s day in A country like India is not worth celebrating as we are way behind finding the actual cause of the celebration…. until and unless we find it.. let us not pretend for it and let other countries do the needful…. 🙂


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