she can be a random person

or a personality of glamour;

may be of sports or an actor,

somehow a writer or a politician of vigour.

she is in poetry ,in novels where,

playwrites deliver vivid character sketches of theirs;

she is the inspiration of thousand musicians,

she serves as the source of dynastic heirs.

she is full of compassion

she is full of dignity;

she is the one who,

who makes social peace and does the charity.

she is the face of a fashion magazine

she engraves her story in representing a country;

oh! she is yet compelled to be dispectful,

at the time of financial sultry.

she is the one who is worshipped mostly,

she is the one we vote;

she vibrantly leads in taking corporate decisions on finance and exports,

her disciples only remember what she once taught.

Thus, a salute is dedicated…

to her self respect with perseverance,

to her fights and her stardom,

to her glory in her success ,

to her ignited mind and intellect,

to her sincerity ,paving a path towards her freedom.