downloadA POint to be noted that …. the GReen Planet is so much into corruption and pollution that somebody from the REd Planet or the RIng planet of our GALAXY has to board a spaceship and run over to us so as to point out the facts and features of life. !!! 😀

He, who came without a name is also given a name (which is not an ordinary name to be Christened,but a name that shows the false mentality) by our society as he speaks the truth about everything ruling over here, mainly religion. Our India is a place of diversities with variety of languages, casts and colour. When “white sari” gives a sense of losing someone we love in a particular religion ,a “white dress”  is worn with a sense of gaining the loved one during marriage in somewhere else. With all these in mind, If we just think over the fact that in the 68th year of Independence , is there any point of having religious conflicts and riots when we cannot independently follow GOD without depending on their ” mangers “who tend to carry forward his blessings over the race, but actually modifying them according to their own wishes?!! Why cannot we ourselves pray and bend down to him with pure heart and pure desire without depending on a third party for doing the transfer job?!! Prayers cannot be scheduled according to those managers’ timings or their rules. An alien who came over to the planet was forced to have  a terrible experience for getting back his own property that would let him go back to his habitat. Hence, there is  a short note of our behaviour that, neither we can greet somebody in particular in the form of giving him just a “warm welcome” nor it is possible for us to maintain  a gentleman’s gesture allover ,while treating a new being. Moreover, the new entity who is not supposed to be like the so-called modern and educated human race, shows  a different , sophisticated,  true and pure way of expression of thoughts and mentalities that surely deserves a salute and a million of applauds. The humans are supposedly the greatest of all the races, but an alien proves it somewhat wrong…Isn’t it!!!!!??

Kudos to AMir KHan..for this qualitative approach!!!!