The tag line or hence, the heading is giving a sudden hint of showing something very personal; or most probably about personal relationships.!! But , there is a sudden change in the depiction as it follows. Being present in a corporate environment , with or without my concern, I should say silence is always a bliss when we find people around discussing topics that are wholly irrelevant , as far our own taste is concerned. There is always a cursed fact in corporate that we should always try to prove our point in someway or the other. But, how can it be possible to argue over something indefinite? According to me it is a tendency of doubting on one ‘s own abilities. Actually we tend to ponder over things we do not like, as soon as we ourselves start to have a sense of disbelief on our own truths. Corporate teaches one to start being independent, to speak up in the public , but not to speak trash in order to establish a fact that is actually not a fact; which ,on the contrary will lower our self conscious confidence . 🙂 Just imagine, a person speaking over a worthless topics with self- constructed ,imaginary, self-created version of his ,will automatically learn to keep his mouth shut as soon as he will stop finding a nil response from the other side. 😀 “Silence is Golden”

# a mere try in order to avoid some unnecessary fluctuating symptoms of mood swings in work space…!!!!