You didn’t know everything, still you behaved;
You couldn’t see everything, still you said;
I expressed when I felt,
I jumped when I left,
I cried the pain away ,and
I thought it would never come again;
Wrongly I expressed, mistakenly I said,
As I am always so vividly misunderstood;
You showered all through those unexpected verses, as
Old and mundane and boring my words are.BUT,
Did she ever demand of anything usual??
Did she ever been like one of them??Because,
She fears of being left alone,
She suffers when those words are thrown,
She can only cry sometimes,
And can only show some emotions,
And, probably can beg;
She makes mistakes,
But always overlooked when corrected;
Her sorry doesn’t count,
She fears to lose,
Still ,she is the one to be blamed;
As always he says,
What she has done to him, but

He does not say what she has done for him… !!