Do we really know what do we actually want from our lives? I think we donot ; as there is always want for more. As we grow up and achieve things in our lives, we are not satisfied with them too ..Well, that can be called as the “human nature” . But, sometimes I wonder why is human nature so weird and awful .

we ourselves are not clear about our own wishes and aspirations. We tend to either follow some pre-determined rules or get ruled out totally from the main path of life. Expression of mind is imaginary. Not everyone in our lives will be able to make us speak up to our hearts’content, but there should be someone who can do that. There is always a quest for that somebody in some way or the other and as a result there is an insecurity if we donot have that one person in our lives .Often we tend to envy people for having such things which we had wished for inspite of the fact that we have our own share of things and they are pretty enough. Why do these happen? Is this because of the known fact that “enough is not at all enough” or it is because  we all have that whole large baggage of insecurity deep inside our heart regarding whatsoever we could not achieve?

what if there is no word called “insecurity”? I think that is totally  a wrong word to use as this is inculcating negativeness in human lives and so in human nature. There is always   a scope to pick up the stones for which there should be this utmost zeal not to bother anymore. We shouldn’t try to change or modify such things that we have achieved on our own as those took efforts too;as it is always being said that it is better to get inspired rather than getting influenced by others.